How it works

  • STEP 1: CONSULTATION  Your search for a one of a kind diamond starts here. Answer a few questions to describe your ideal stone.
  • STEP 2: SEARCH  We will search thousands of available loose diamonds and curate a private selection of three to five stones.
  • STEP 3: PRESENTATION  In just a few days, you’ll receive detailed pictures or video and information regarding your collection.
  • STEP 4: SELECTION  At your convenience, review the results and pick the diamond of your dreams.
  • STEP 5: SETTING DESIGN  Once you have chosen your diamond, we can ship the loose stone to you, or help you design a unique custom setting.

Technology-driven diamond shopping, with a human touch

Diamond shopping has evolved.  Once upon a time, the only way to buy a diamond for an engagement ring or piece of jewelry was to take your chances at a local jewelry store.  Selection was low, markups were high, and unsophisticated buyers were often taken advantage of during the process.

Technology has changed the diamond buying process forever.  The internet has made it possible to seach the world for the perfect diamond, with diamond vendors competing for your business.  Likewise, the maturity of lab grown diamond technology has reduced gemstone pricing and made the entire supply chain more transparent.  Net result – there is no better time to buy a diamond.

Our appoach to diamond shopping is a little different.   Instead of barraging you with an automated feed of diamond listings, we blend technology with our experitse and relationships to provde you with a curated list of diamonds based on your needs.

The D.NEA Approach

It all starts with the right diamond….

Spending hours looking through diamond listings on websites is a waste of time. You are only seeing a fraction of the available diamonds available, the lists you see are typically out of date, and you are most likely going to overpay for what you see. We take a curated approach.

Our first step is getting a idea of your goals…budgets (with or without a ring or setting), shape, and how you trade off quality vs size. The more you can tell us about the ideal diamond, the better we can search for you.

One we have your criteria, we begin a worldwide search for the best diamond just for you. Unlike many of the only jewelry stores you see, we work with dozens of diamond suppliers across the world. Since we buy at deep wholesale pricing, we may be able to offer the same diamond you found at another jewelry store for hundreds or thousands of dollars less!

Using computer tools and our expertise, we narrow the field to our top picks just for you. We’ll provide you with reports and usually photos or video of the diamond. We’ll discuss the options, and help you pick the best one for your unique situation.

You can receive the diamond loose, or we can also assit with having your diamond set into classic or custom jewelry designs. Using computer modeling, we can custom-design and manufacture your engagement ring or setting, in a variety of metals, and have it made uniquely for you.

Oh… one more thing. Did we mention there is NO CHARGE to do a diamond search? We only get paid if you purchase a diamond through us… so you have nothing to lose!

Find your diamond

To get your custom lab diamond search started, please complete our questionare.  The more information you provide, the better our search will meet your requirements.  There is no charge for this service.